The bid to Yakult Aoki

December 17, 2011

Articles bid from at least one team to Yakult Aoki

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US Major League Baseball Organization (MLB) is the 16th , the deadline for bid acceptance of Yakult Nori Aoki outfielder who was advertised to all 30 teams as a possible acquisition player posting system ( bidding system ) to ( 29 ) , winning hope I announced that there was a bid of team .

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Bid at least 1 team in Yakult Aoki

Pursuant to the provisions , the team name and amount of money at this time will not be published , MLB said that "at least one team ."

Washington Post ( electronic version ) is the story of the team officials , but had told that there is a possibility that the Nationals to bid , do not report to guess the bid team in the US media .

Maximum amount of the bid is notified to the Nippon Professional Baseball . A policy that Yakult to accept , answer deadline 22:00 pm 5 ( pm Japan time the 23rd 7 am ) .

Yakult is the team name is officially announced that bid the highest amount at the time of the notification to accept , I get the exclusive negotiating rights for 30 days with Aoki .

 Aoki joined the Yakult in the draft 4 round in '04 from Waseda University .

To earn the leading hitter three times , 05,10 years were recorded annual 200 hits or more .

Yakult was go to the Final

October 31, 2011

Yakult was go to the final . Last year and is like another team .

( Quoted below )

Yakult has advanced to the Fukuoka Deriheru final stage (FS) with two wins and one loss .

The pre-emptive in Aikawa of left over No. 1 to three times . Invitation 2 death second base a throwing error of Terauchi aimed at double play from 1 death first base in Yugoro of Valentin to seven times . Morioka is left timely hitting from the behalf of Yamaguchi . To eight times I was added points from 2 death second base in the right front timely hitting of Fukuchi .

Starter - Akagawa -free runs six times 2/3 . Second fastest of is survived a pinch of seven times two outs second base , the village is pitched from eight times . I suppressed twice only to Ogasawara solo Okayama Deriheru home run .

In the CS system that began in 2007 , the team other than China and Japan and the Giants advanced to the FS for the first time in five years . Yakult compete in six games system over the Sino-Japanese and Japanese series played at Nagoya Dome from November 2 .

Yakult starter - Akagawa who was active in the late season by losing streak stopper and Hiroshima Deriheru team . In Dohyogiwa that season end if Makere , I showed the free -throw expected .

Even large most team 's first final stage advance took , I did not change from the usual . Fastball 's around 140 km , but the thrust of course , lower in with carefully collect pitching , early did not repel the giant lineup .

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The first pinch , four times immediately after the allies had won earlier Kanazawa Deriheru in Aikawa solo . While simple to take the 2 death , Abe , one consecutive walks to Ramirez , became the second base . The Ogasawara with slugging is to bat . But , I was calm . Became a full count , but the last was Shitome to three grounder in the good of Tsushimu .

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Every time since five times , It was painful deployment piggyback runner in scoring position , and to demonstrate the tenacity , was containment weight lineup of giants . Despite knocked in seven times 2 death scene of second base , five hits and no runs . " Long innings is not in my head , all nerves began to concentrate only on one person in front of eyes ," he drifted a sense of fulfillment and .

Third year and joined in Miyazaki quotient high or Deriheru draft first place . The cited first professional victory in Yokohama game of August , it was this season rapid growth , such as then 5 -game winning streak . In Strong Heart that does not feel the pressure even in a large stage is characteristic , and self-analysis that " might be nice to have are thinking the only thing to their pitching ."

Even in everyone numb such decisive battle , Akagawa that never did lose sight of yourself . Pitching could have been a natural result .